Defensive Behaviour.. building fieldworks with Warfare Miniatures accessories. Part 1

4 sections completed and photographed at home
Barry Hilton - I am not a precision model maker. I don’t work from plans other than pictures floating around in my head which I then try and create by modelling them (often imprecisely). My attempts are not always blessed with success but experience over about 20 years of ‘try-outs’ has shortened the odds allowing some more than passable output most of the time.

Since 2012 Warfare Miniatures has demanded huge amounts of my time which in previous years would have been utilized for painting and modelling activities. What this means is that when I do get a chance to build or paint, the project is short, intense and managed to a deadline such as photo shoot, book launch, figure release or wargaming event.

At CARRONADE 2014. This didn't take too long to build!
WLOA919 Gun screen and ladders
I commissioned a range of products aimed at filling gaps in the wargames market for siege and engineering accessories late in 2012. These bits and pieces were the result of suggestions from friends and Fighting Talk forum members.

The wish list was paired down and organized into a brief to a designer who created to my mind at least, a top quality selection of very useful items to be used in siege type games or for dioramas and general table dressing.As each new item was production moulded and released I barely managed to paint up a sample for the online shop. No ‘big picture’ evolved incorporating the various individual pieces into something cohesive. I was frustrated by this but ultimately it was a good thing that I waited.

WLOA920 Fascines loose and racked. - heavily used!
When finally I decided three weeks before the Falkirk club’s Carronade show in May 2014 to build a section of the Grand Alliance army’s front line from the battle of Neerwinden 1693, I knew roughly what I wanted it to look like.

I had no plan, I had no idea how many components I would use. I did however envisage a heavily fortified breastwork with the appearance of ‘substance with haste’. What I mean is; it would appear thrown up quickly but would be difficult for an enemy to take it by force.Once I started, I just kept adding to it! In part 2 you can learn more about the process and the components.