Defensive Behaviour.. building fieldworks with Warfare Miniatures accessories. Part 2

Under attack from 18 French battalions at Neerwinden
I didn't want to build integral to terrain boards preferring the ‘place on top’ option. I knew that I would incorporate artillery and infantry positions. I knew there would be plaster and glue involved but beyond that nothing was sketched or planned. It was just an idea I carried around in my Noggin!

The utilitarian dinner mat- an endangered species in my house!
The start point was a gun position constructed on one of my favourite pieces of household detritus – the old dinner place-mat. I have used these as a foundation many times. The first and it seems well remembered iteration, was part of what brought the League of Augsburg into a more prominent focus within they hobby way back in 1994. Then, I constructed a French four-gun position on two dinner mats which featured in WI#98. Alas, in a moment of madness I sold it at SELWG about 10 years ago! - what a dipstick.

Dinner mats Inc.. another Hilton meal will be unsupported
I reprised that design about 2005 with a Russian GNW position which can be seen in Beneath the Lily Banners. In the interim I built several small redoubts on the same base material together with various command vignettes, a gallows scene and other pieces of table candy. Those cork table mats are really modelling gold. Cheap, the right shape and not prone to warping, they are wargamer friendly items which should be sought out and horded at every opportunity!

Gun gin WLOA925 on yet another size of mat!
With this project I wanted something which was both self-contained and modular. By that I mean each piece could be a stand along feature but if several were built, they would all fit together to create something grand. Once started I found the ideas for the next piece flowed freely. Having at one point put together the basic construction of three sections I remember distinctly brushing my teeth before bed one night and getting the flash of a great additional idea!

The breach section under construction
 A breach! Do a breached section! I went to sleep that night with thoughts of how that might look. This is a fairly common feature of my wargaming meanderings… over active mind!

This series of articles shows the process of building and painting the defensive line. Neerwinden was the short term application but I had my mind on Russian defences for the Great Northern War as the backdrop to the whole project. 

In part 3 we'll get to the messy bit... constructing the defensive line.