Defensive Behaviour.. building fieldworks with Warfare Miniatures accessories. Part 4

gun platform - I did two sections like this in the original four.
A lot of fancy detailed painting could have be done on these defences but the effect I was looking for was very particular. I wanted a massive, consistent, interesting but at the same time not overpowering terrain feature onto which the eye would be drawn but in the context of the entire table. In Part 4 you will begin to see how the mental vision of the piece takes shape logically. Ultimately I wanted something which would set off my figures and table not overpower it.
Matchsticks! - tile grout spread thinly using a palette knife

Notice the section of cork base left clear. Muddy puddles at a later step!

On some sections I wanted to install prepared gun positions with wooden flooring. I had in my head to use stirring sticks from McDs or Costa. I never got their and found a bag of matchsticks I had bought from a craft shop years ago.. they'll do said I!
I glued them onto a layer of PVA setting them carefully but not too carefully.. it was a hurried position remember! The lay out is clearly visible in the shots above.
Heavy application suggests excavation at the front edge.
Leave patches of grout clear to contrast the ground effect

The gun was add to encourage me to continue. Be bold with the sand!
The next step is one which I am often asked about - creating some texture to groundwork. Pretty easy really. Using an old paintbrush spread aruond some patches of PVA and then sprinkle with rough builder's sand(no I don't mean the sand from a rough builder!). If you want to make rocky patches dollop it on thick, place the little stones in first and then sprinkle over with fine sand to create a bonding cement. Then, do your rough sand patches as per the picture.

Having done most of the messy work in Part 5 we'll get the paints out!