Defensive Behaviour.. building fieldworks with Warfare Miniatures accessories. Part 6

We are almost there. The finishing touches are covered in this part of the series. Some of the effects worked early on in the tile grout can now be seen. Lots of cart tracks were traced using the wooden end of old paint brushes. All the areas of sand patches will be washed down in a 25 paint 75 water mix of brown and black to create some ground contrast.
Light sand highlight added to the groundwork.
Static grass will be added and highlighted

I usually wash cart tracks with the 25/75 wash. It looks stark without the grass covering but when this is added with PVA and drybrushed (in Japanese Uniform) it all tones down. 

The dark patches will receive a varnish coat as muddy areas
The wash effect can be seen on groundwork patches of this mat. These will become less stark when the grass is added.

A solid section of Fascine racks

So, the pieces are almost finished and ready for the table. Everything you have seen in this series of articles was completed in a week of spare time sessions no longer than 2 hours each. I think I have finally done justice to the excellent siege range!

Grassed, glossed and set ablaze!