Dhow about this? 28mm scale.

Undoubtedly, left field but, when I saw it, several little projects aligned - Tangier, Omani and Indian pirates, 4Play scenarios, Donnybrook and the new naval rules I am devoting a lot of creative time to.

Crew are Warfare Miniatures - Ottoman Irregulars OT11/OT12 packs + new officers

I have warmed up hugely to laser cut models. With a little care they can be lifted from the prosaic to characterful and unique. 

This is a lightweight but substantial model. The height is probably 18 inches

I had searched in vain for a suitable Xebec in 28mm so this piece was a great find. It was relatively easy to assemble with the only tricky moments coming from the addition of the forward, curved part of the hull.  

I omitted the third Bowsprit sail. Model length  is over 20 inches

Pre-assembly without glue was a smart move. I got to know where everything was supposed to align before uncorking the cyanate. The model is pretty attractive although the mast are a little flimsy. The paper sails were used only as a template and I made my own from cotton which of course, are heavier.

Awning and sails are hand painted cotton.

The awning for the raised after deck is an addition although the lattice frame is part of the kit. Another  addition was the installation of a series of little metal cleats along the length of the hull. These were used as anchor points for the standing rigging. This is made from elasticated thread.

The flag is yet another glorious Quindia production

There is space on the deck for over a dozen models. A couple of light cannon could be added although I am going to use the dhow as transportation for hordes of rabid corsairs from North Africa, Oman, Sudan, Persia and India. 

Useable from the Levant to the Indian Ocean

There are likely to brush up against English, French, Dutch, Spanish. Portuguese, Venetian, Genoese, Danish, Dutch and possibly German ships. They may even fight other corsairs. 

Just about to capture a Portuguese? Dutch? English? French? merchantman

I will get another couple of these dhows. At about £17 each and 7 hours or so to get from pack to table top, I am very happy with my investment.