Donnybrook Reviews

Clarence Harrison - Well, Donnybrook has been arriving in the hands of eager gamers across the planet and some of them with a presence on the web have chimed in with their impressions...

Don't Throw a 1
Fall on Pell Mell!
Platoon Forward
A Wargaming Gallimaufry

I'm sure there are more (apologies if I've left you out - add your link in the comments), but these came with a quick look around. Most of the sites above have more than one post (so make sure to spend a bit of time on all of these sites) including some AAR and their own modifications. Dalauppror and Saxon Dog are adapting Donnybrook for the Medieval period... with multiple supplements planned, this one might jump the queue with all of their input!

Quick Side Note: Real life has been rather... errr... real for me the last month or so and my free time has been seriously restricted. There are lots of Donnybrook posts coming along and lots of supporting projects in the works, but it may be a bit before I can commit the time I'd like. Please join the Fighting Talk forum and join in the discussions there. I still make time to answer rule questions and there are lots of new ideas floating around from other players.