Donnybrook Scenario: Revenge of the Huguenots 1683, Southern France

The idyll that is south western France.. soon to be shattered
Moving Donnybrook around the various theatres of conflict has been an enjoyable exercise. So far we've had games in Tangier, Massachusetts, Scotland, Ireland, Scania and some dark place in our minds which could have been Hammer Horror land. A trip to the sunny south west of France was a new destination.

Disgruntled Huguenot veterans pour out of the tavern
The Dragonnades provide an exciting environment for treachery, betrayal and violence amongst the populace. Knowing that the gamers on our weekenders like a laugh as well as a challenge I created a game which involved a group of Franciscan Friars fleeing from roaming bands of murderous Huguenots tired of being persecuted by King Louis's Dragons!

Bidet leads the Kings men over the bridge into hostile country
The put upon Protestants have gone on the rampage and intend to burn the local church and loot the Catholic gold. Having been tipped off, the merry monks have packed up one wagon which left some hours ago. Unfortunately for them it threw a wheel and had to be abandoned and covered with branches and hay somewhere in the local countryside.

Feet on the ground.. the King's men advance
They are back at the church, about to leave with the second wagon when the roving Huguenots descend from various directions. Currently protection is offered by a group of Spanish mercenaries calling themselves Los Soldados Muerte (The Death Soldiers). Although only a paramilitary band they are fierce, let by a lunatic priest and determined to kill heretics. Meanwhile Le Comte de Bidet is marching with Royal Dragoons and Pikemen to save the holy men.

Eagle eyes! Where are those damn Rebels?
The Mission for the Franciscans was straightforward - get the wagon of the diagonally opposite corner of the table. March the King's men from that spot to protect the convoy. The Huguenots were to capture the wagon, kill the monks and burn the church! Each turn both players rolled a D6. First to 18 was told in which part of the board the wheel-less wagon was. They could then attempt to liberate the treasures from it too!

Heading for the hot spot - the Dragoons move across the bridge 
We played on this table 5 times. One game variant was the RAID from Donnybrook. The action was fast and furious. The Huguenots definitely won once. I remember them burning the church with the friars and treasure inside! Many Huguenots found out they couldn't swim as I remember several drowned figures lying on the river bank.

The Friars and the Death Soldiers
One Huguenot group was a mob of discharged army veterans who had been disarmed by the King. They were used as cannon fodder in various iterations of the game.

The table was lovely (courtesy of Ade), the games fun and funny at the same time. We used some Spanish Guerillas as Camisards Blanc led by a Scout character. This permitted an ambush!