Easter Parade Final Day and your thoughts on artillery.....

Today is a bit of a consolidation with a commander vignette thrown in. I have other squadrons of Ottoman cavalry on the stocks right now and some riders finished but they are not based yet.

I have been discussing with designers what Ottoman artillery we need. On the short list so far are
a light gun, a field gun, a battering gun and a super heavy gun together with a mortar.

I am considering a defensive wagon and a limber too. At the same time I am thinking about a battalion gun for western armies which I currently don't have in the range.

I am at the stage where anything is possible if commercially viable and that is of course a judgment call. Some things are slow burn on sales and it takes time to break even on figure ranges but thus far, Warfare Miniatures has done pretty well with almost everything we've brought out keeping its head above water except for the very newest stuff.

I am happy to take suggestions here for both Ottoman supportive equipment and anything which is missing from the fairly comprehensive western siege range.

Back with the Sipahis. The War of Three Kings has fairly comprehensive rules covering the use of Ottoman cavalry, lances and of  course armour... oh, didn't I say?  Clib is in the process of fitting out some dolls for armoured sipahis.

Oh well, more painting I guess.