Eclectic Holiday post #2 The Siege of Constantinople

Blog Die Hards - stick with this post and think.. 1683!  The Turks of that period were not so different from those featured here in the 1453 Siege of Constantinople.

Original and reconstructed walls of Constantinople on the European shore

Reconstructed section - it runs for perhaps a mile or more

I have visited Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul several times and on one trip managed to spend an afternoon at the outstanding Military Museum. It covers the history of the Turkish people from the Dark Ages to modern times.

Reconstructed gateway to the city

The most dramatic exhibition zone is that dealing with the Ottoman capture of Constantinople in 1453. The diorama display is outstanding and although I have shown a couple of shots on the blog before I have never shown all of the pictures in a single post.

Looking north east from the Asian shore

Panning west from the last shot

A further western pan

Look at the trenches in the foreground

Close in detail

The Sultan

Looking north west
Looking to the European shore - the massive tower in the background still stands

Refer on to the siege gun shots later in the post

I have started at the top of the page with a few shots of the walls of Byzantium as they stand now. One shows an unreconstructed wall section on the  European shore and the others reconstructed parts of the walls.


Armoured Cavalryman

What follows then are several shots taken from the diorama itself which is set off with a magnificent curved painting of the Asian Shore being attacked with the Bosphorus in the background.

Un cropped shot to show scale of the diorama

No real explanations needed from me.

Turkish soldier

At the end are some shots of massive Ottoman artillery pieces from the period. I have sprinkled a few uniform mannequins and paintings throughout.

11 ton cannon see plate

11 ton cannon

The interesting aspect for me is the similarity of dress and tactics right into the 1680-1720 period. I have always fancied building a Turkish force to fight the Imperialists and Russians. You never know where Warfare Miniatures might travel in the future!

15 ton cannon

15 ton cannon

Turkish soldier
Various troop types