Eternally glass half full....

Few of us have lived through a year like 2020 before. It has impacted on us all in some way whether health, work, family, plans, projects or dreams. I and mine have been very lucky so far. 

Being grounded for ten months has been a golden opportunity. Not only have I got to sleep in my own bed every night, see my wife and daughter every day for the first time in nearly twenty years and cut my travel mileage down from x000,000 to x00, I got to be around my stuff - books, paints, gaming table and camera. My head exploded with ideas - I am still cleaning up the splatter.

I have played more games, written more content, published more books, undertaken more research, painted more miniatures and models, built more terrain and launched more projects than ever before.

Business for Warfare Miniatures was tough. Not because demand was low but because supply dried up. I was unable to guarantee a flow of product so, closed down large parts of the store for over seven months. Nevertheless, the upside of this Yin-Yang story is, I have learned to cast! I also now own a casting machine. There is always an upside.

A little idea prompted by Danny Faulconbridge as a 1st lockdown short article for WI, turned into something which has proved very popular - 4Play scenarios started as a light hearted effort to innovate during what we thought would be temporary isolation. It has proved a winner and the ever expanding catalogue of scenarios shows no sign of abating. At roughly £1 per scenario it seems to suit everyone. There is no shortage of requests for new content so those will continue.

The best seller

My reconnection with naval gaming in 2019 has snowballed. First it was 1/2400 Tumbling Dice ships and a nice two page rule set. That begat Mad for War and Donnybrook at Sea and some imminent product development announcements in 2021.

A taste of victory has gone well. Enjoyed my collaboration with Asun on this production and the reviews seem very positive

You Tube flip through ATV

Clibanarium has not been idle. The sculpts are accruing and a batch was sent for moulding three weeks ago including mounted Cossacks, Ottoman artillerists and some absolutely exquisite Tatars. I love those most of all. In the pipe are the first WSS infantry and English fuzileers/marines too. I also have Swedish and Russian GNW cavalry in karpus/kartuz which are actually available to buy but not in the shop yet - I have been a little remiss there.

My tour guiding responsibilities have been somewhat curtailed but I am delighted to be working with Promenades Travel and have committed to guide tours in both Scotland and Ireland next year.

Promenades Travel - Battlefield holidays

The cooperation with Helion's Century of the Soldier and in particular the restlessly energetic Chas Singleton has been very enjoyable and I was delighted to hear that the book Every bullet has its billet was selling well and seems to have been positively received. I tried to cast the net as widely as possible to ensnare as many lurkers and waverers as possible to the ranks 17th Century Regiment of Obsessives!

I enjoyed my two podcasts with another of wargamings eternal optimists Henry Hyde. The symmetry of doing #32 and #64 Battlechats will I think be broken as I hope to return to do that again before #96. Thank you again to those who contacted me afterwards to say some kind things. I was glad to provide a little spark for those looking to join the 17th century fraternity. 

Articles will continue to appear in Wargames Illustrated in 2021. There are some in the can right now including an Aughrim scenario which should see daylight in February or March . 

Thanks also to everyone who has chipped into the discussion thread about.. what next? Please keep those ideas coming. One publication will not be enough in 2021!

Clarence and I continue to strengthen both our friendship and working relationship. Warfare USA has done tremendously well under his stewardship and he has the painting and gaming bug big time right now. More flags on the way. Pirate stuff already in the online store but the blog info will post up a little behind so, if you want pirate ensigns - we have 'em coming out of the wood-worm holes!

I forsook my Christmas game 2020 in favour of video making. I could have been throwing dice and drinking wine but instead I was editing voice clips and drinking well, wine. 

Mad for War Teaser

Mad for War trailer

More vids to come on the You Tube channel and yes, Lily Banners, Republic to Empire and Donnybrook will also get the treatment. 

I sincerely hope 2021 turns out to be a better year for all of us, but, I can't and won't really complain about 2020. I had a blast.

Thanks for continuing to support the blog, Warfare and all our efforts here. We All share the best hobby, and that is something we can All agree upon. 

Welcome to 2021!

A year of gaming possibilities!