European customers - some Autumn good news!

Prussian grenadiers

I will miss my annual pilgrimage to Antwerp this year. The show and trip has been the highlight of my wargaming calendar for nine years. Politics conspired to make it impossible for a small wargames business to negotiate the labyrinth of VAT claims, customs inspections, paperwork, inventories and other joyless bureaucracy that keeps democracy barely alive.

Dutch warships

Nevertheless, although I cannot sample the joys of a visit to Antwerp and to meet old friends from Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany,  Austria, Czech Republic, Portugal and Malta as I usually do, I want to extend an offer to you for the months of October and November.

Danish infantry

Any order for products from Warfare Miniatures - books, figures, ships, flags, markers which is to the value of £60 or more and made between October 7th and December 1st 2021 will be POST FREE anywhere in Europe and Russia. When you make your order, just click on the postage option - CRISIS POST FREE

French Guards

I am really sad that I can't bring new products and ideas to the Antwerp Forum of Wargaming (or maybe arena is a better word!) Instead, let me share some memories of League of Augsburg games at the great show over the last few years. 

¡Salud! Proost! À votre santé! Skål! 

Saluti! Prost! Saúde! Slàinte! 

Sorry we can't be with you but we are in spirit!







Till we meet again!