Every bullet has its billet and Helion Special Offer

This has been a productive year. Helion have released Every bullet has its billet exactly on time. Congratulations to Charles and his team for delivering the goods on time and to the right quality.

I received my author's copies by the Saturday lunchtime post and am very happy to report that the product is very much up to expectation. The finishing is very nice. layout easy on the eye and the photographs have maintained their clarity.

right! just what is this guy on about?

My understanding is that advanced orders for the book have been very strong and I hope it lives up to expectation when customers receive it. 

As an acknowledgement of the support that comes from this blog and its members for Helion's Century of the soldier series, Helion are very kindly making available a promotional discount code.

Between December 20th 2020 and January 4th 2021, Helion are offering a 20% discount on the book if you quote discount code number


I will be interested to hear if the book achieves what it set out to - a clear, broad and helpful view to gaming the period.