Fancy a Danish anyone?

We have five new codes of Danish infantry coming to you soon.

Danish infantry marching - Regiment Prinds George
D01 Musketeers marching
D02 Grenadiers marching
D03 Command marching
D04 Musketeers firing
D05 Musketeers loading and priming

In addition we have flags for the Danish Army during the period of the War of the Spanish Succession and the Great Northern War.

Code DN01 Danish infantry marching

To at to that we also have the flags for six Norwegian regiments who fought with the Danes against the Swedes.

WSS and GNW Danish cavalry flags will be out soon.Together with our existing flags for the Danish regiments during the War of the League of Augsburg we believe we have the Danes pretty well covered.

Soren Christiansen's Danish cavalry from the Scanian War

More painting when I get a chance but this should keep Danish fans happy for a little while!