Fighting Talk Forum - Mad for War Board just created

Fighting Talk has not featured heavily in my prioirities for a couple of years now. I simply do not have time to do everything and I definitely get a D on my report card for my contributions. However, the arrival of Mad for War Essentials has provided the impetus to attempt to do better all round on the Boards. I will visit as often as I can and make contributions which add some value.

Interestingly, I have noticed recently that if it wasn't for the serial posting of the omnipresent BOT  Tango01 smile on TMP, that very little seems to go on there.  Are people turning away from such fora? There are very few posts apart from inane polls designed to bring out the usual suspects. I thought maybe, Renaissance/Age of Sail was a backwater and that all the action was happening on the Napoleonic Boards. I checked them out too - torpor laden and as lively as siesta time in an Andalucian hilltop village.

Where is everyone? All bored of the same boards?

Spending more time at FT will mean less time at TMP so, I'll get thing up and running and hopefully - blog members might drift back with me.

See you around in the virtual world somewhere!