First fruits of a very long labour - Scenarios for the War in Ireland 1688-1691

I started collecting the material for these scenarios over eight years ago and the more I dug, the more I found. I could never decide on the final public sharing of the content in terms of format. I had thought about a book but needed some other supportive content which has ended up in other projects. The success of the 4Play format finally helped me make up my mind and so I am delighted to present the first of the scenario packs covering the War in Ireland from a wargaming perspective.

I have used the 4Play format to an extent, but with several key differences. The table set-ups do not have troops in place but rather, map style markers. This provides a very handsome visual representation. I have also omitted the popular After Action Reports and substituted some additional wargaming focused content such as How to choose your units, How to make trenches etc.

This first pack is not from the beginning of the war but from the autumn of 1689 in the period after Schomberg's landing in Ulster. It contains three scenarios, all three can be played with Beneath the Lily Banners although the Newry scenario is written specifically as a grand skirmish for Donnybrook.

The focus of my research was a granular attempt to find and present as many historical battles and skirmishes from the war as possible. Excluding all of the work already published in 4Play for Derry, The Boyne, Cork and Aughrim, I have over sixty finished scenarios equating to at least twenty scenario packs.

November 29th 1689. Battle in Moyry Pass

Before rushing to complete and issue these (which is a pretty big job), I wanted to test the water with this first release and gauge reaction and appetite. There is another finished - Schomberg's Swansong which I will release over the next week or so. 

Here is I hope, the first of many. Titled Lilliburlero! it covers three scenarios in eastern Ulster between September and November 1689.

Stueart's Horse charge Antrim's Regiment in Moyry Pass

I'd love to hear from users of BLB and 4Play on whether this is hitting the mark.