Flying visit - home for a day

Nice, but it's not getting those Ottomans painted!

Being on the road pretty continuously gets in the way of serious stuff like painting wee soldiers, making terrain and binge watching old detective shows as is my want.

Gaming inspiration where you can find it! See the Portsmouth 2mm game later. Any takers for this harbour?

Whilst travelling I find myself restricted to surfing wargaming sites and blogs and making the occasional comment on one or the other of these as I bounce from location to location.

I was inspired by this ECW set up at Partizan - I want to do it for Ireland 1690

This year has not offered the opportunity to run weekenders for a variety of reasons and it looks like the next time we'll be able to do that will be 2019 although Toggy is always on the hunt for a venue and date.

To stay sane I occasionally put pictures like this under my nose... and sniff

The hobby event calendar will close for LoA at CRISIS 2018, roughly two weeks from now. Between then and now there will be scant opportunity to get much done and bouncing between Asia, Europe and the Gulf for the four weeks before the show has left barely enough time for underwear changing and shirt pressing when home. The sense of too much to do in 24 hours leaves me getting very little done as a start anywhere is unlikely to produce a finish.
Last lap before CRISIS 2018

I am currently staying sane by exploring ways to make available the considerable amount of written material accrued over the last three years. It is impossible for Clarence and I to deal with it all alone so outside assistance is inevitable if it is to see the light of day.

I am still working on the Russian army which is now up to 12 battalions,  6 squadrons and some guns

PDF uniform and regimental guides for Ireland 1688-91 and the GNW are top of the list together with the GNW supplement for Beneath the Lily Banners 3rd Edition. Donnybrook extensions, scenario books for the Ireland campaigns.

Lots of stuff been done with these chaps - user suggestions coming soon.

I'll start to publish  features on utilizing the new Civilian/Militia types with which I am achieving long held personal ambition - that being, to make my 1689-1690 armies for Ireland look just right.

In Antwerp we'll have nice toys and buildings on this terrain - Ottomans and Imperialists

I have also been penning a Donnybrook Faction guide for the Ottomans, extracts of which will appear on the blog soon. Until I get back next week I'll have to content myself with some more writing.

Roll on CRISIS 2018 and sanity restored.