Forget Pirates of the Caribbean - Latest LoA video

The Battle of Bear Bay, Spitsbergen 1693

I have just completed the latest video which focuses on gaming with French privateers during the Nine Years War. Even if you are a landlubber this touches your interest as these corsairs captured hundreds of Danish troops bound for Ireland and many were pressed into service in the Royale Danois. 

The video features one of the most unusual naval battles in history which took place during our core period of interest - Bear Bay 1693 when two French ships attacked 40 Dutch ships.... and won!

D'Amblimont's squadron 1689

Bear Bay and other French privateer fun features in this soon to be released scenario pdf

I'll be back on dry land soon but meantime. Enjoy a slice of Gallic elan!

Scrathcbuilt terrain for Bear Bay 1689