From Russia with Liv.. Guard

I am delighted to share the work of Yuriy Hotchkin with Blog followers. Yuriy and his wargaming group are located across both Sankt Peterburg and Moscow and have interest in a variety of periods and scales. 

Yuriy sent me some wonderful pictures of his Great Northern War Swedes from Warfare Miniatures.
These are some of the finest painted examples of our miniatures that I have yet seen.

The fact that such wonderful examples of Swedish troops have been so lovingly painted by a Russian  gamer speaks volumes!

The regiment is of course the Livgard till Hast (Mounted Life Guard) with their distinctive sky blue uniforms.

Yuriy has used models from our Swedish cavalry codes SC01, SC02, SC03,SC04 and SC05 to complete the unit.

The painting style is gentle, bright and warm which has produced a striking finish.

I particularly like the way he has finished the horses and saddle cloths too which is a lovely detail touch.

Here is a link to Yuriy's fantastic work Yuriy's Field of Battle painted minis . Plenty more ownderful minis to drool over.

Thanks Yuriy for sending the pictures for us to see.