Gambia campaign pdfs in the works


screen grab from #5 All Ashore! which has 38 pages

Working on five so far and we are  just past the one third mark of the campaign. The actions have come thick and fast and have divided into clear groups - naval actions using Mad for War, small naval actions using Donnybrook at Sea and land actions using Donnybrook. Looming up is a small land battle for which we'll use Beneath the Lily Banners

The scenario packs can be played out individually without having to play the campaign. They are written in such a way that players can create individualized versions of the scenarios and not simply follow what we have done. 

I am also going to finalize and edit the whole campaign narrative as a sort of companion. I would hesistate to call it a novel, rather, the story of what we did. In addition, I will publish the campaign mechanics which made it all work.

So here is a taste of what is coming.