Garrison Point Fort in 1/2400 completion

The finished piece is about 100mm square.

I finally got a chance to build Sheerness today. It's not often you get to type that! Took about 90 minutes to finish the first major piece of terrain for the 1/2400 part of the Tocht naar Chatham (Medway Raid 1667) project.

Here is how it all started.

I used some of the simpler country style buildings from Brigade Models lovely range to to this. These required a minimum of preparation to slot in to the final corner of the piece. I decided not to make Sheerness look too big as it was described as a cluster of workers dwellings at the time.

Floating in the sea - just to provide a perspective with some 1/2400 Tumbling Dice yachts.

I had not real game plan to fit the civilian dwellings and just used the most appropriate for size and look. I managed a couple of  setting mock ups just to get a feel for how it will fit when I finally build the custom terrain. I will probably give the fort the firepower of a 4th or 5th rate ship with an as yet to be decided defensive value.

This lower angle shot gives a nice height perspective on both fort and ships.

Mark Backhouse was kind enough to give me some top tips on building small houses from foam but I haven't got round to trying those yet having only 36 hours at home but I was itching to get this piece finished together with some 28mm figures which I'll use for the small battles.

Moved Garrison Point Fort and Sheerness to a headland for this shot with the Royal Charles sailing by in the background.

A shot of the first unit of Dutch Marines which I have chosen to paint in blue coats with yellow. More on that later. These are Warfare's V0 series which features 30 different poses with coats, waistcoats and shirts. Musketeers have five arm variants and the 15 open handed codes can take any polearm.

A small detachment of Dutch Marines ready to attack England!