GNW play test at Partizan

Playing length ways on an 8 x 6 table offers the Swedes space to get moving and depth to the defending Russians

Toggy and I cobbled together our Partizan game literally at the last minute for a variety of reasons. Needless to say, it looked fine and served and important purpose - that being; to showcase some of mechanisms written for inclusion in our War of Three Kings GNW/Eastern wars supplement which we hope to release this year.

The Swedish infantry jump off - Narke Varmlands, Vastmanland and Ostgota Tremanning regiments

The supplement requires the core rule book but provides the 'theatre' and combatant specific mechanisms necessary to make games feel right.

Another view of the Swedes

The Ostgota Tremanning battalion took casualties of 70% from artillery and mortar fire over several turns

The scenario pitted four Swedish battalions, twelve squadrons and four light guns against a defending Russian force of twelve battalions, eight squadrons, three battering guns and a mortar.

This scratch built fortification doesn't get out much and I was pleased with how it looked on the table

We didn't play the whole game but used it to demonstrate mechanisms such as Swedish movement and manoeuvre capability, Russian artillery, close combat and light cavalry options.

Vastmanland charge Ingermanlandski -  the win/draw cycle provided six rounds of close combat

The shots in this post illustrate some of the incidents from the game including the charge of the Vastmanland Regiment and their intense melee with the Ingermanlandski Regiment, a heroic repulse of Swedish dragoons by a raw Russian battalion and the destruction of the Ostogota Tremanning battalion by enemy artillery.

The village garrison's view of the Swedish attack

It has been a while since the GNW collection was out in such strength and I had forgotten how good it looked on the table.

This charge went badly wrong. The Russians passed morale, delivered a devastating volley and wiped out the enemy

GNW games definitely feel different from western European battles. Rapid Swedish movement compels certain actions and reactions from both armies creating flash points which ebb and flow.

Russian gunners run back their piece to deliver yet another round into Ostgota Tremanning
We didn't get to finish the game but what we did generate huge interest.

Swedish reserves await orders to move up

Foot note: The swatch of green/yellow teddy bear fur is quite important. Clarence and I play tested many of the mechanisms for WTK on this very small piece of terrain in a hotel room in Fredericksburg a couple of years ago. I still have the book with all the dice roll results which we then averaged out manually to get some of the shooting and combat mechanics. A little patch of BLB history which I had quite forgotten about as it was lying in a suitcase I had brought back from America and never opened.