GNW Swedish units.. the long road since 1996

Foundry+ conversions + Dixons and Redoubt components - The Dal 1996.. sadly gone

I have a nice archive of my GNW efforts form the time when there was pretty much nothing available, through various iterations to now when I am pretty much writing my own ticket with GNW releases.. a kind of fantasy come true.

Plenty of conversion work Ducker's Dragoons 1997 - the cape is milliput - still have these

I thought it would be nice to share some of these units and figures which have taken between 30 minutes and six hours to complete including conversion time and scratch building.

SYW Russians dressed up as Swedes.. I am very proud of this unit. LivGard 1996

I have painted pretty much everybody's stuff sine the first Foundry models were available. Musketeer, Reiver, conversions, doing Dixon's stuff as substitutes, using First Corps sculpts and Stratagem Marlburians.

Uniforms now proven inaccurate but a nice unit of Life Guard Grenadiers from about 1996

Seven Years War Russian Corps of Observation models in waistcoats 'depping' as Swedes sans surtouts.. I was desperate.. you know!

Vignette basing OD - Ostgota with plenty of conversion work and SYW Russian officer

I have had endless fun with the period and been pretty pleased with various attempts even the slap and dip units I rustled together for Fraustadt a couple of years back.

Height of the base  - the groundwork was a lot of work

part of the same unit Ducker's Dragoons with conversions - buttons on sleeves, I know

I have experimented with base sizes, deep bases, shallow bases, wide cavalry bases, close order cavalry bases, skirmish bases, bases with height up to about 40mm from the surface and  even hexes.

Warfare Skane War/Grand Alliance period Swedes

Maybe there are some ideas in here for blog followers. I still have much of this stuff but a few units precious units were sold off over the years in moments of poor judgment.

Slap n' dunk mix of Warfare and Footsore - about 2 hours from start to finish

As a comparison about 25 hours work including hand painted cotton flags

How about these Laddies! Unreleased sculpts from Rob Baker

Slap n' dunk but the results are nice - Warfare meets Footsore

More rarities and mixing Baker with Thornhill

And another Warfare meets Footsore

Chevron effect exactly as I wanted it - Warfare Miniatures