Great work

The return of Piet van der Valk a brigadier

I have the privilege of seeing the creative work of some of the 17th century gaming community now and again and am happy to share that with Blog members. This post shows work from Nick in New Zealand, Gareth in Wales,Yuriy in Russia and Charles in England. 

Dutch brigadier from Gareth... Warfare Miniatures WLOA20

Below you can see a fantastic piece of work from Yuriy in Russia. He has put a lot of love into this Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt - Swedish general of the Great Northern War.

Charles sent these very interesting pictures of a wonderful Karl XII vignette. The painting is by Phil Ohq and the flag by Pete's flags.

Vignette of Karl XII from Charles S

Not sure who makes Karl XII - infantry are Warfare

Lovely little grouping in this Command vignette

My impression is that interest in this period continues to grow. Of course I am delighted to see the gaming community is embracing the wonderful opportunity it offers.

Finished squadron of Fitzjames Horse circa 1690

The collections featured here can safely be said to belong to long terms affecianados of the era.

Jacobite Horse from Nick in New Zealand

Nick's colour choices for Fitzjames's cavalry are wonderfuly warm. The horses look great.

Lovely colour tones and combination

Interesting to see how Nick puts together his bases. The army shot at the end of the post provides further insight.

Individual painting is really nice on these models

I am always happy to share the work of fellow enthusiasts so invite anyone who wants to share their work here to send me photos and I'll blog them.

Nick's armies are growing significantly