Guest post: GNW Swedes by Don Crane

The Brigade in all its glory

The Blog has featured the work of several painters over the years and I always enjoy seeing how painters and gamers create and interpret figures and unit construction.

I recently had the privilege of seeing some truly wonderful pieces of work from Don Crane who has been building a GNW Swedish army.

Halsinge or Halsingland Regiment (from up north)

The shots of his force so far are inspiring. The painting and basing style combined with the detail painted on the models is outstanding. I am very proud to see Warfare Miniatures completed to this superb standard.

Don tells me his sources were the Pat Condray Editions Brockaw book and the GNW Compendium. I had the honour to meet and talk with Pat Condray several years ago in the US and found him a charming and informative enthusiast,

Jonkoping Regiment (from much further south in Sweden!)

His work together with that of Dan Schorr, Alan Sapherson and Stephen Ede Borrette was for a time the only precious gold we searchers could find on the obscure period between 1650 and 1720. I am very glad to say times they are a changing.

Another shot of Halsingland

Don has also used the Quindia Studios flags which just set everything off so well.

The three regiments featured are Nyland, Jonkoping and Halsingland. By pure coincidence I spent some of last week with a work colleague from Halsingland who invited me to his family lands in the province. Without knowing about my deep interest in the period he mentioned the old military houses on his land dating from the 17th/18th century - These houses most probably are connected to the Indelningsverk system of recruitment to the Carolinian Army!

The Nyland Regiment (Finns!)

He went on to tell me about a tree on the property on which his ancestors have traditionally carved their initials since the 1600s! And, if that wasn't enough to get me hyperventilating he went on to mention wooden platters of over 1,000 years of age still in the possession  of the family.... a link to the time of Rode Orm. We talked about that super book as all Swedes like to do and I had the full set all in one dinner conversation.

A light gun to support the infantry

Thanks Don for allowing me and us to see your excellent work. I know there is more in the pipe.