Happy days! - Return to Partizan May 2022

Neerwinden 1693 at Partizan

I am delighted to say that I will have a game on at Partizan on May 22. This will be my first show game since November 2019 and is a little bit of a last minute thing. Richard was able to find me a spot for which I am most grateful. 

Holowcyzn 1708 - 2007 at Partizan

Partizan has been for many years the constant theme for my wargaming efforts and getting something special ready for it has always been a really motivating goal on the calendar. Looking back over  nearly thirty years of attending the show I have built many relationships through it, gained many ideas and

Ottoman Wagon fort - Partizan

been inspired by the efforts of the best wargamers. painters, terrain builders and ideas men in the hobby inside the imposing Kelham Hall and at the show ground. 

Late Romans at Partizan 

I  thought it appropriate to share some game shots from Kelham over the years

Poland 1939

Now it's time to think about what I should bring to the show...

I am not trading at the show but can take preorders for delivery on the day and I am happy to offer a 10% discount on anything ordered. As I now cast everything myself, please give me a little notice if you possibly can. If you want anything from Warfare - figures, books, flags ships, galleys, tokens, just email me and I'll get things sorted out in the usual way via paypal.

See you there!