Here comes those Russkies!

OK so these pix are not the best and were done very quickly on the iPhone but I thought before I flew off again I'd share the punctuation mark activity conducted during my construction of Derry's walls.

I have prepped up one each of all 20 sculpts so far mastered but only managed to complete the painting of four. They were are real joy to do and actually very quick due to the elegant simplicity of the sculpts.

Clibinarium has really captured something special with these chaps. The mix of poses on the theme of FIRING LINE is interesting and distinct enough to give 10 distinct variants - five are shooting and fire are in the various acts of loading and priming.

The small, hastily assembled grouping here gives a very small representation of what is possible. The GNW range 'benchmark' was set with the Swedish infantry and these Russians compliment them perfectly with an  solid aggressive/defensive stance against the elan and movement of the blue coated northmen.

More Russians will be here on the blog soon and the production process continues even as I type.