Historicon 2016 - Unit Cards

Clarence Harrison - While work continues on the models need for Historicon, I thought I'd throw up a quick post (I have to get back to painting)  to show a few of the other custom bits we'll be bringing along to enhance the game. The first up are unit cards.

Character and unit cards are completely unnecessary in Beneath the Lily Banners. However, I wanted those unfamiliar with the period (or even old hands since many of the unit standards had to be conjecture) to be able to easily identify their units and to that end I've made cards to hand out to the players. Each card has been customized with photos of the actual models. The unit cards also have space to track casualties and 'First Fire'. All of the cards will be in plastic sleeves and the marks can be wiped away after the game, good as new. The umpires will also maintain traditional paper rosters.

I intend to create a full set of these for my own collection as I enjoy using accessories like these at the table. I still get units mixed up (are Jyske or Fynske in green coats? Which red coated regiment had white cuffs and which was yellow?) and having the photos on cards makes it easier to concentrate on the action and allows me to easily identify units that covered themselves in glory or colonels that need to be shot!

Next week (I think) I'll have new order and condition makers to show off...