I painted them thar Ottermans

Code OT07 Tufeckci firing

I know, several months late. C minus on report card and detention for me. Nevertheless, painting these thirty models in five days was not as onerous a chore as it may at first sound.

They were really fun to do. The sculpting is wonderful and the poses interesting and natural.

Code OT12 Bosniaks/Irregulars loading

I used the following speedy method:

1. Hand brushed white undercoat
2. Paint flesh and wash with a watered skin tone
3. Paint flat colours on all other areas
4. Wash with water based soft tone Army Painter (except skin areas).
5. Hand brushed matt varnish - solvent based

Code OT010 Segban loading

I avoided certain colours such as - red (except for a couple of hats) and used a very controlled and muted palette selection around stone, browns, buff, sand, off white etc with an  occasional shot of pink, black, green and light blue.

I wanted these troops to look poorer, less military and more paramilitary - volunteers, conscripts, booty soldiers, borderers and similar.

Code OT08 Tufeckci loading

The results were better than I expected based on the effort expended so Win squared for me!

For Salute I made up battalion packs of Tufeckci, Segban and Bosniaks. If anyone wants to order these I'll do them but they are not in the shop. Same price as normal Ottoman battalion packs. Just mail me on wordtwister@hotmail.co.uk and let me know.

Code OT09 Segban firing

Mixing Segban and Bosniaks in the same unit does look nice too.

I have an eye to use the Bosniaks in particular for Tangier Moors - that looks like it will work.

Code OT11 Bosniaks/Irregulars firing

News on the cavalry soon - quite a lot actually.