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ironic backdrop location to work on the GNW
I have been a bit quiet over the last ten days in particular as work and travel has consumed all waking hours and kept me off the blog and forum pretty much 100%.

Having managed to clock up 22,000 miles in the last 10 days I am afraid my work on the BLB GNW supplement may include some errors. These are only partly due to the time zone confusion but also my mistake in working from different iterations of the same documents on desktop and data key simultaneously.

Working hard to get this supplement into position

It seemed a good idea at the time but, I have realized there is many a slip twixt cup and lip as I add paragraphs and then don’t update only to wonder where the hell that last bit ended up!

I have been working hard on getting the text ready for Clarence to lay out. I am pleased that several email conversations over the last four weeks have helped reshape some of the amendments I have been finalizing for the Swedes.

It is not a lightweight piece

I would like to name check Mark Shearwood, Mark Allen, Charles Singleton and DOB amongst others for insights, questions, thoughts and a ‘brake’ on making the Carolinians too powerful. Little points made here and there have stimulated several re-writes.

Nevertheless, the core rules are pretty much done. It is not a flimsy piece of window dressing but a solid step away from the stately pace of Flanders into the wide-open spaces of the North East.

Swedish power in the game play comes from a combination of speed, manoeuvrability and morale quality not from über factors in combat.

It will be loaded with detail and additional 'theatre specific' mechanics

Having given it very careful consideration, I think the equalization must appear in the final reckoning man on man when all things were relatively even. A Swede fighting for his life is probably no more dangerous than a Russian or a Saxon doing the very same.

Don Crane's wonderful Swedes - nice chance to see them again.

The writing binge should continue as the next few weeks involves more or less continuous travel overseas. The supplement will be out this year if everything goes to plan.

Oops, seats belts on, we're off again!