In the Shadows of History: Battle of Newtown, 31st July 1689: Part Eight

Beneath the Lily Banners Special Rules Recommendations

BLB has several additional rules which can be used to give this action some further depth and flavour. I recommend the following are used:
Capturing colours and standards p26
Melee modifiers for Jacobite Horse p32
Melee modifiers for Jacobite/Williamite foot p32


If you do not have BLB I suggest that you make the Jacobite Horse superior in melee combat to the Williamites. I also recommend that you give an extra ‘religious antipathy’ melee bonus when the foot of each side charge into combat.

Modifying the Scenario for Other Periods.
This scenario could easily transpose into other periods with little or no adjustments. I suggest the following would be easy to do
  • An AWI early period encounter with locally recruited Loyalists and American volunteers clashing on the march.

  •  ECW early to mid war encounter anywhere in the country with the retinues of important local men meeting as they march towards each other.

  • An early war ACW clash between large but inexperienced regiments of volunteers perhaps even from the same State.

There is enough variation in the scenario options to fight four different games. The sides although not equal are close enough to give each force a chance of winning without being sterile and even on the points or army list principle. I have enjoyed the challenge of this game on several occasions and am certain some of you will too.


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‘1644’  ECW Rules (Rick Priestley) Wargames Foundry
‘Beneath the Lily Banners’ Fast play wargames 1660-1720 (Barry Hilton 2008) WordTwister Publishing

Beneath the Lily Banners 2nd edition 1660-1720 (Barry Hilton 2011)
And of course the Battle of Newtownbutler book found on the reading list post!