Instant Army.... well almost

Magnificent Polish Winged Hussar unit by Rob - a joy to base and flag.

Our return visit to TACTICA in 2017 merited a little extra effort and so sticking with the GNW theme that we've been developing we decided to add some Eastern spice to the mixture.

Toggy Bob did this colourful unit of Polish Cossacks - I like them a lot

With the help of Rob Goodyer whose excellent painting skills have become a new feature of our collections we were able to put together a very handsome Polish-Lithuanian/Russian force to deal with the upstarts from Uppsala! All of this in less than 4 months - 12 battalions, 14 squadrons.

What we are calling the Red Banner Pancerni - painted by Rob.

Rob painted what Toggy sent to him and when the miniatures returned over Hadrian's Wall I got busy with the basing to get the lads table ready. We decided that a single basing style would make the most impact.

What we are calling the Green Banner Pancerni - again by Rob

In amongst all this work Toggy was himself taking some time off from putting luxury foods on the plates of the world's aspiring capitalists and lifting his skillful brush to address  Foundry Polish Cossacks to join the throng. Boy did good!

Finally the Streltsi unit has its flags mounted not on the command base but on the unit stands

Before my temperamental Nikon P600 packed up on me yet again I managed to squeeze several shots of various units which will for the first time grace the table in Hamburg. I have taken enough shots of each to run a blog feature by unit together with the various bits and pieces of Swedish table dressing which has been prepared for Hamburg.

Pre production marching Russians painted as a garrison unit, Swedish models used for Command

So, this post is by way of a taster lifting the lid on many tasty morsels which will fight under the rules of Beneath the Lily Banners 3rd Edition in North Germany next Saturday and Sunday.

Russian 2nd Battalion

Come along and see us, throw some dice, enjoy the spectacle. The game is going to look rather nice!

Finally completed the way I intended Vastmanland 1st Battalion

Part of the completed large Swedish battery position