International GNW painting!

One great thing about the internet is is brings people who would never even know the existence of each other, together. Over the last couple of weeks I have received some wonderful examples of painting from enthusiasts and friends of the blog...

Firstly some GNW Russians from Italy. Dino Todaro whose work was so admired the last time we had it on the blog has sent these pictures of Great Northern War Russians - Regiment Ingermanlandski completed using Warfare Miniatures.

Again this is wonderful work from Dino with beautiful and thoughtfully created basing too. Nice photography Dino, grazie mille!

I also was sent some excellent photos of Great Northern War Swedes from Russia! Here are miniatures from the collection of Alexey Kovshikov and painted I believe by his friend Mikhail Miroshnik

A lovely combination of Warfare Miniatures and Ebor Miniatures in the form of the Swedish Livgardet till Fot.

Here is a link to Alexey's blog ;

Alexey Korshikov's Blog

Again, excellent photography and a great opportunity to connect with gamers and collectors in Russia which can only be to everyone's benefit if we share an interest in the GNW.

Thanks once more Dino and Alexey!