Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities: Captain Adam Murray

Adam Murray - commander of Derry's Horse
Adam Murray is a character whose role in the Irish campaigns starts and finishes more or less with the Siege of Derry.

He was a Presbyterian of Scots descent and lived near to the city. He provide to be a bold soldier and inspirational leader to his men. He was involved in many adventures, skirmishes and battles during the period of the siege.

The colours were chosen careful to signify his serious, no frills beliefs

I have chosen to dress him in subdued colours and pose him with resolution on his mount. He was wounded many times and partook in several significant actions including the battle at Clady Ford where he first came to prominence and the battle at Pennyburn Mill where he attempted to rush a Jacobite camp.

The model is a minor conversion of the cornet from pack WLOA40 with an ordinary sword arm replacing the open hand for the standard.

Captain Murray charges the enemy!
This was achieved with a single clean cut using a craft knife.

Murray features prominently in the book and more can be found out about him there.