Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities: James Fitzjames - Duke of Berwick

Would it be an exaggeration to describe James Fitzjames, bastard son of James II as the Prince Rupert of the Irish Wars? I think not. He did in fact go on to much greater things than Ruprecht as he finished his illustrious career dying in action in his 60s as a Marshal of France and victor of Almanza in 1707 in addition to many other triumphs.
Prince of the Blood - James, son of James

In Ireland in 1689 he was a young, impetuous, occasionally foolish but brave cavalry officer who gave his enemies much pause for thought.

Tally Ho!

I have chosen to represent him in rich civilian clothes and matching horse furniture. The figure comes from WLO44.

Dash and panache! Cavalry Officer in the tradition of Rupert

In many respects he was to become one of if not the most famous soldier to emerge from the Irish campaigns although at that time he would have seemed less weighty as a historical figure. As the Duke of Berwick he gained riches, fame and honour on the field of battle.