Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities: Justin McCarthy, Lord Montcashel

Justin McCarthy who was to become better known as Lord Montcashel was known for many things including his involvement with the famous Wild Geese in French service, the disaster at Newtown against Wolseley's Enniskilleners and his reasoned and civilised approach to warfare against his countrymen.

Justin McCarthy Lord Montcashel

What is often not known about his is that he was incredibly short sighted and this certainly impacted capability in the field.

On Lads! On to victory!

He was badly wounded and captured at Newtown but managed to escape captivity in Enniskillen by bribing his gaolers.

I have use an officer from WLOA48 and mounted him on Sarsfield's rearing mount from WLOA21.

Reverse view

On the base is a passing nod to the bogs that did for his small army at Newtown.