Is Donnybrook disappearing? A celebration!


Donnybrook (I heard the term on the radio yesterday with a Canadian politician using it in the perfect context as he described a 'right Donnybrook' between the EU and UK over trade talks), is disappearing. 

Kurpfalz Feldherren's Lesnaya 1708 Donnybrook game at Hamburg.

Our original print run is almost sold out. Clarence has a few copies in the US and I have a handful here in the UK. After that, it will be pdf only for the first edition. Clarence is currently working on a more widely applicable 2nd edition but the popular 1st ed will be no longer available in print. 

Guys - I apologize for forgetting your name - Wonderful ECW Donnybrook at Partizan.

We have been very pleased with the way Donnybrook quietly gathered a following and has been used. There is even a Facebook group (so I am told!).

A Donnybrook game - Fantasy I think - lifted from The Leadpile blog (hope that is ok?)

There are lots of Donnybrook scenarios in the recently released 4Play scenarios and I am also just about to submit another for Wargames Illustrated for 1666.

The New England colonies

Its secret is the universality of the rule system which was originally written by Clarence for his Darkest Africa games. He conned me into painting about 200 individually based models whilst he LHAO (to adapt a commonly used text abbreviation) and painted... nada.

A pirate game

 That con was, actually, pretty productive for me as I have used those figures for so many scenarios, games and photo shoots. Thanks Clarence.. you're devious scheme backfired!

Donnybrook appears in many of the 4Play  packs

My contribution (apart from the figures!!!!) was to create the 17th century context, factions and landscape for using the system in our pet period. It of course has limitless possibilities beyond my immediate century of interest and genre.

Donnybrook Dark - I love Zomboids... Donnybrook Z?

To mark this little milestone in Donnybrook's history, here are some memorable moments and games from the period. 

Spaniards and Caribs

A quick Google Images search on Donnybrook rules or Donnybrook games brings up just how widely the system is being used.

Jocks in Panama (but not hats)

I am very impressed by the number of groups using the rules in so many different countries. Many of these are what I would call 'Star' groups who put on fantastic visuals such as Kurpfalz Feldherren in Germany and a cracking gaming group in England whose name I never remember but their work speaks for itself (I do apologize chaps, call it my age!).

The road home from Poltava. Swedes encounter BabaYaga's pet dog.

The legendary Galloping Hogan

I have been experimenting with smaller sized tables and units for Donnybrook using the 4Play format and by dropping cards such as end of turn and reload - short games on small tables are very possible.

Guarding Derry's walls... Adam Murray's riders arrive back in the city after a raid.

Donnybrook is just so suitable for small actions which in real terms were never battles but have ended up being labelled thus. 

Donnybrook at the Tail o' the Bank - Greenock to non West Coast Scots.

As can be seen from the accompanying evidence, I do have fantasy models and I do occasionally game with them - there, I'm out! That feels better.

White Slavery in Old Tangier

Clarence has vehicle rules and rules for modern weapons. I am looking at some ship/boat amendments at the moment so, it is all moving forward and despite my Red Top style headline to this post.. Donnybrook is very much still alive and kicking!

Blue on Blue - the not so Glorious Revolution

Incidentally, we have a surplus of play sheets so I'll stick those up in the shop as separate items.

Even the Tatars are in on the act.

Grab a copy before it's too late if you have always been tempted by the book. Long live Donnybrook and its next iteration!