It has been a busy week..

A taste of things to come.. 28mm small ship actions - non-doctored raw shot

I haven't blogged for a few days but have had my head down writing, painting and gaming. This has been across the scales but consistenly in the period 1649-1700 so all to the good.

Shallop/longboat working for the GWC

Much of the week was spent on painting, crewing and rigging 28mm scale small ships for Donnybrook and Mad for War. These range from jolly boats and shallops to sampans as can be seen from some of the pictures here. 

From the forthcoming pdf Holmes's Bonfire 1666

In addition, I have been writing and playing scenarios for a series of Naval 4Play scenario packs which will be released either in late December or January.  I am attempting to build up a war chest of these for a large release to concide with the rules which I am completing right now and which Clarence is laying out.

Oh and I forgot, I was getting A Taste of Victory! to the printers and also finalizing the proofs for Every bullet has its billet

I will be able to put up a pre-order date very soon for the former and expect the book to be delivered to me in the UK before Christmas, so, that might make a nice Christmas present for someone you know!