It's getting near the time

We are getting a complex and wonderful project very near to launch now and it's time to update followers of the blog on where we are and where we are going. 

Ark Royal Miniatures 1/1200 metal models, is a sub-brand of Warfare Miniatures providing accurate models to recreate the naval actions on the period 1640-1720. The first 14 codes will be released for pre order within the next week and shipping by June 30th 2021. The final cost of a pack will be confirmed after we finish out first production casting run tomorrow morning. It is anticipated that a pack will cost around £21.00 and will contain between 2 and 10 ships depending on the code. Details can be seen below. 

The ships are simple to assemble or are one piece castings requiring no assembly. They can be used as they come or enhanced by the addition of brass etched shrouds and ratlines. We will also supply bases both metal sculpted or plain,shaped 2mm MDF.  These items (bases and ratlines) carry an additional cost. 

The first releases are listed here:

AR001 Sovereign of the Seas and Prince Royal circa 1641

AR002 Sovereign/Royal Sovereign + Resolution/Royal Prince circa 1660>

AR011 Generic 70 gun + generic 60 gun + Advice jacht

AR012A English flush deck 50 + 2 x 2 deck 40 gun ships with top gallants

AR012B  2 x English flush deck 50 + 1 x 2 deck 40 gun ships with double reefed topsails 

AR013 Dutch Admiralty VOC/GWC Indiamen 1 x 52 gun + 2 x 38 gun

AR014 Frigates 2 x 38 gun + 1 x 26 gun

AR015 Smaller warships: 1 x 26 gun galley frigate + 2 x 14 gun pinnace + 1 x pinnace with sweeps

AR016 Armed Fluyts (Flutes) 2 x 22 gun + 3 x 14 gun

AR017 Fireships aflame x 5

AR021 Northern European coasters - 2 x Hoekers, 2 x Crompsters, 1 x Galeas, 1 x Galiot

AR022 Merchant Fluyts: 2 x 6 gun, 3 x 4 gun 1 x Whaler

AR023 Brigs (Naval and civilian use - colliers etc) 2 types in random mix x8 total

AR024 Fishing fleet 10 x Herring busses of 5 types/random mix

AR025 Older Merchantmen (long beakheads) 4 types 2 x 26 gun, 1 x 6 gun, 1 x 4 gun

We will also offer the above in starter fleet combinations with the first lists as follows:

ECW Parliamentarian

ECW Royalist

1st Anglo Dutch War English

1st Anglo Dutch War Dutch

2nd Anglo Dutch War English

2nd Anglo Dutch War Dutch

3rd Anglo Dutch War English

3rd Anglo Dutch War Dutch

3rd Anglo Dutch War French

English Tangier Squadron 1660 - 1685

Scanian War Swedish

Scanian War Danish

French Privateer squadron Dutch Wars / Nine Years War

Generic Privateer squadron

We'll open pre ordering within the week but any ideas of requirements sent in advance by email to will make sure we have the right stock combination for launching.