It's here! Christmas came a little early..

Despite Brexit, Covid 19, National lockdown and a snap snowfall in Scotland - A one tonne pallet arrived from Lithuania via Thames Gateway and I unloaded it this morning.

A Taste of Victory! will ship to pre order customers on Monday and Tuesday next week which is 10 days earlier than I had anticipated. Hurrah!

I am happy that this project got from drawing board to market quicker than any I have attempted for a long time although, it still took over a year.

For anyone who is might beinterested in the pre order price but didn't quite get round to it, I will hold it till the 9th and then take it down and revert to the normal cover price and shipping rates. 

The books is in! Hurry up or we'll miss the pre order! hic#

Anyone who is ordering by mail will know that shipping is killing businesses as demand outstrips supply. I have held my shipping rates deliberately low but this is not sustainable indefinitely.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all you Preorder customers, your book will be in the post at the beginning of the week and thanks for already making A Taste of Victory! commercially viable. That means, more of the same on the way!