It's that time of year again.. Warfare Christmas give away!

Where did 2019 go? My daughter recently told me a school in Glasgow was in the papers because it had renamed Christmas so as not to offend anyone.... It is now called Sparkle Day...... yes, well...

At least I managed to get With Talon and Claw published and it looks like I'll get the Ottoman cavalry under the wire too so they should appear in the shop soon. As my house has to make space for copious quantities of alcohol and presents that none of us need we are making some nice Christmas offers to customers.

Warfare Miniatures is offering every order made between December 3 2019 and January 10 2020 over the value of £50 post-free anywhere in the world. 
Please click on the 2019 Christmas Offer if your order is £50 or over.

 Also, I will include  5 random infantry models FREE in every order - yup that is right!


Even if your order is for books, flags or accessories, as long as it is over £50 you'll get the freebie.

When selecting postage, click on 2019 Christmas offer option