It's wonderful in Copenhagen! The Battle of Lund 1676 with Warfare Miniatures

The Battle of Lund

Soren and Michael from Stockholm have been planning their group's appearance at the Copenhagen wargaming show for some time. They have been enthusiastic advocates of Warfare Miniatures and some of their work has been seen and admired on the blog before.

Soren's Danish Horse Guards (Warfare Minis of course!)

The Copenhagen show DFFCon 2014 (catchy title I know) is located in the Army Museum and from what Soren had told me was neither huge nor very commercial but rather a chance over 2 days for Danish (and Swedish!) gamers to get together and put on some nice games.

Danish Army Museum venue

Soren and I had discussed how we might promote Warfare to the Scandinavian market through the portal of DFFCon. The organization of the game was I believe down to Michael's efforts and as can be seen from the pictures it was up to his usual high standard. The commercial promotion was down to Soren's business approach and in the end he did us proud!

The game AND the products!

I had in a moment of madness, held out a vain hope of returning to the UK, transferring at Heathrow and flying straight into Copenhagen but common sense prevailed and I headed north instead of east nor' east on the way back from the desert.

Michael in full flow!!

I had to be content with dispatches from Marshal Christiansen on the Monday after the show relating the tales of his army's great PR victory in the Danish capital!  The game ran 6 times over two days with each run being full of participants. The hall as can be seen is very grand and military in appearance. I hope next year to visit this show together with a May event in Sweden.

Other exhibits in the market

Warfare Miniature's campaign in the Baltic region has begun!