Jeff Shaw adapts 4Play - Dutch v Portuguese

I am delighted to share some gaming experiences from Jeff Shaw involving the Dutch and Portuguese in the mid 17th century. That gives us an opportunity to cover Canada, Brazil, The Arabian Gulf and  India in a single post!

Portuguese and Spanish in Dutch Brazil - Jeff's cracking looking game!

Fellow enthusiast Jeff has been busy adapting 4Play scenarios which was precisely why I created them in the first place!

Dutch Captain Pierre Desplat

Jeff's great adaptation of #6 Quebec transforms it into the Battle of Recife 1645 set in Brazil with the two European powers fighting it out for control of this colonial goldmine. I don't remember hearing Pele speaking Flemish so, I think we know who the ultimate winners were!

Two small European powers which have historically punched well above their weight. The Dutch and Portuguese army and naval forces are very interesting and quiet different in nature.

Dutch artillery

Here is Jeff's scenario adaptation in his own words. I might try it myself!

The Dutch and Portuguese used the exact unit characteristics of the English and French. In three games, the Dutch won two and the Portuguese won one. In the first Dutch victory, the 12-figure unit with the Jesuit priest charged a Dutch unit of 18, passed their morale check, but suffered the loss of the priest when the Dutch fired after passing their morale check as well. Father da Cunha fell dead on the spot and the Portuguese routed!

Lovely unit - Jesuit Priest Pero da Cunha leads the faithful against Dutch heretics!

In another game, the native archers caused 9 casualties to a Dutch unit, causing them to rout, exactly in the same turn that Capt Correas led his 12-man Portuguese unit against the Dutch center, routing them as well. 

Portuguese Native Allies - reminded me of The Mission!

In the final game, the Dutch artillery caused tremendous Portuguese losses, routing Capt Correa's unit and causing the Portuguese to withdraw.

These models are lovely, great painting too!

The scenario is well balanced and next up will likely be a Morgan's buccaneers against the Spanish at Portobello.

Soldiers of the New Nation - The Dutch Republic.

Here is the original

I had the Dutch and Portuguese lock horns before at sea here in the Gulf of Arabia in 1651 (4Play 000 - Complimentary pack):

And here too in the Battle of Goa 1638: