Join the League of Augsburg

Please, Sir! I just need a few more days to finish the blog post!
Clarence Harrison - The blog is off to a great start and we have lots of great articles coming up, but in the spirit of alliance that was the League of Augsburg, we would like to invite you to participate! We are now accepting submissions for guest authors to add articles of their own. This could be a snippet of history, an article on painting or collecting models, building terrain, a scenario or after action report, a FEATURED REGIMENT, info on uniforms, flags, or equipment, or simply some nice photos of models or units.

Unfortunately as this is mainly a labor of love on our part, we can't provide compensation other than the promotion of your personal blogs or other projects you may be involved in.

This is awesome! How do I get involved?
Send a brief outline of your submission to to make sure we don't already have a similar article on the schedule (the same subject of a Featured Regiment for example). I just don't want someone putting lots of effort into a project only to find out we can't use it. If you have an epic idea along the lines of one of Barry's series, we can publish the piece in installments. Don't panic if you don't hear back right away... I will try to check the email account every day, but I might not always be able to respond the same day.

I'd like to submit an article, but I don't have photos.
No problem... We probably do. We borrow from each other already and we can most likely find something to go with your idea, create maps, etc. Just mention that when you send your outline.

Do I have to use BLB, Donnybrook, or Warfare Miniatures?
Not at all. Obviously Beneath the Lily Banners and Donnybrook are our chosen rules, but if you run games with Black Powder, 1644, or something else it's fine to include references to them. Likewise we have an interest in promoting Warfare Miniatures, but our own collections and articles feature models from other manufacturers. The only restriction on submissions is that the period fall within the late 17th/early 18th century... If you have any doubts we will sort them out in the outline process.

Once the outline is approved, will I have a deadline?
No. We don't work to deadlines and neither do you. Assuming we approve the outline, I will make a note of the submission, but your article will not be scheduled for the rotation until it's finished... No pressure from this end.

I'm not a great writer.
Yeah, neither am I. Submit a photo spread and we'll work out the text to go with it. Articles may be subject to editing as well, though anything major will be discussed with the author first. 

So that's it! If you simply want to submit a one off article or a more ambitious series of posts, your efforts will be welcome. We want the LoA blog to grow into a resource for the period, both for history and wargaming, and having the help of the community will go a long way toward achieving that goal (and won't have to just listen to us spout off all the time).