Jungle jeopardy for the Bishop of Manila

One of the crossing points - hostile locals are present

This one has got to be one of the more unusual scenarios from an unusual campaign. Survivors from the scuttled treasury ship Santiago are attempting to reach civilization in the lower reaches of The Gambia. Crossing a monster infested bolon was not in the plan.

Harassed by native warbands lurking in the shadows just beyond the narrow trails, slowed down by the Bishop of Manila (en route to Europe by the westward passage) and his possessions, thirsty and hungry from the toil, lost and disorientated by the dense jungle canopy which prevented obtaining a proper bearing, the survivors of Santiago made heavy going of their jungle ordeal.

Getting across was by leaky boats or discarded floating rubbish at the slaving post

Twenty nine began the mission to cross the nameless but deadly bolon and around twelve made it safely across avoiding all sorts of terrors on the way. 

Sergento Arturo Hernandez earned a place later in the campaign story with his heroics

This game was played on a 2 x 4 board. It took us about two hours to play and was very interesting. Enemies and animals were generated using Donnybrook and a table grid.

El Obispo de Manila, wasn;t praying hard enough. He was capsized and eventually crushed by a hippo

Dave and Colin managed to get some of the Spaniards across. Alas, El Obispo de Manila was not amongst the lucky ones. Several fell prey to crocs and hippos. The game will appear in a 4Play pack soon.