Jungle Warfare (see what I did there?)

Two Arab slavers observe the advance of  'al ainjiliz' through the jungle

The first 'full scale' land battle of the campaign is about to be fought thirteen days of 40% of the way through. 200 English sailors accompanied by Berber PoWs now incorporated into Royalist ships' crews and some local Christian African villagers have moved inland to raid the Komban Royal enclosure. 

Prince Rupert had conveniently shifted 200 Komban warriors to the far shore of the Gambia a week earlier on a mission into disputed territories and then, abandoned them to pursue a grounded Parliamentarian slaving ship. Meanwhile, his younger brother has picked a fight with the remaining Kombans on the south shore for failing to provide promised victualling to the fleet. 

Having hung a few hostages as encouragement and beat off a punitive attack on his careenage, young Mauritz is heading overland to raid the Komban 'palace'. He's even had his men drag a ship's gun with them on a sledge as encouragement. 

Crew from Constant Reformation (V02 & V03 codes from Warfare Miniatures)

Facing him is the remainder of the Komban warrior contingent backed up by local Muslim workers who are part of the Arab slaving operations in the area and some Arab slaving crews who see the English as a pestilential problem to be eradicated.

Scenario is in this 4Play pack

This is a binary outcome engagement for the Royalists - win and they get lots of food and water. Lose and its back to meagre rations and sour water at the careenage.