Kurpfalz Feldherren do the '45 at Tactica

Some Summer pictures of a winter time game from Germany.

Awa' in the Heilands - Speed Bonnie Boat and all that stuff..

Those very talented chaps - Jurgen, Sven, Stefan and Mirko aka the Kurpfalz Feldherren have done it again with this wonderful '45 Rebellion Donnybrook game at Tactica.
This looks suitably grim and Scots
Their table was beautiful and contained four forces - French, Highlanders, 'English' (so called but Hanoverians is more appropriate) and the dastardly Campbells!

I think these are the Good Guys but that depends on your PoV!

I was not sure about the plot but it involved trying to spirit the Prince away from the Baddies. I saw lots of whisky at the table and tried to convince my German friends about my own love of German whisky - I thoroughly commend Slyrs to you. a Bavarian product that even impressed my friends back home when I gave them some in a thimble to sniff.

Donnybrook using activation by Faction - player chooses the unit

Enough of this nonsense! Concentrate on the game!

The French - quite what contribution they made to this version of the '45 I am uncertain

As always the detail is high and from what I saw the appetite for the game from the paying public was strong.

Squad Leader of the Feldherren Herr Mueller - did he neck all of the whisky?

It was great to have two games at the convention running using our publications and so, a big thank you to the Feldherren!

Chucking out time pretty much anywhere in Caledonia. His date is waiting landside