Kurpfalz Feldherren Wargame Club, Germany

We meet up with the guys from Kurpfalz Feldherren at Tactica, Hamburg,  Crisis, Antwerp and even at Partizan. They do wonderful games at least two of which have been featured on the blog before. Lovely bunch of people, totally into their hobby and it really shows.

This wonderful game was I think Juergen told me, inspired by some of the Donnybrook Dark ideas (well the town at least). I just love the work the guys do. It is of such high quality and their attention to detail is of the very highest standard. Poles and Swedes of the TYW era here.

Coupled with the fact that this is set in a time period of great interest to me and a theatre which I have always loved to explore, it's wonderful stuff.

This game is I think set sometime between 1620 and 1650 and slightly out of period but not so far that we could not feature its magnificence here on the blog!

Gentlemen of the Kurpfalz Feldherren - you are Bundesliga quality! I look forward to your Tactica offering!