Late and Early... An in between Anniversary Post

A well received version of Neerwinden at Partizan about 15 years ago. Terrain by Ade Howe.

Thanks once again to Peter the Court Remembrancer! He reminded me of both the anniversary of Landen (just passed) and the imminent anniversary of Steinkirke are upon us. 

Another shot of the Partizan game

I have covered both battles in detail in various scenarios over the years and have visited the field at Landen. It always amazes me that so little is known about this period even on the battlefields themselves. I asked a man cutting his lawn in Landen where the battlefield memorial was and he said 'What battlefield?'. Bearing in mind a Revolutionary War battle was also fought there he was a double - offender!

LoA Weekender Game: Neerhespen - Fighting retreat across the Kleine Geete.

Neerwinden/Landen was almost as big as Waterloo in fact, the French Army was larger than Napoleon's. William III's army of circa 50,000 was somwhat smaller than the Anglo-Dutch-German but not by a country mile. 

More from the Neerhespen game

Steinkirke - 'The infantryman's battle' is somtimes seen as the coming of age of the British Army. A defeat but one in which the gritty Brits made their enemy pay for every yard (with copious help from the doughty Danes and the Dutch.

A scenario based on Steinkirke. The British attack the sleeping French

I have just signed off the artwork draft for the scenarios book to be released this autumn which features both of these battles along with 16 others from 1675-1695. The cover will not disappoint and is being done by Neil Roberts who made such a wonderful job of With Talon and Claw.

Almost but not quite! Defeat in 1692 at Steinkirke

Enjoy in this post some gaming moments from Steinkirke's and Neerwinden's of the League of Augsburg's past. 

Massed cavalry at another iteration of Neerwinden/Landen. Some of Steve Shann's Warfare Cavalry

I first played Neerwinden in Burnley 30 years ago and my memory of burning battalion after battalion around Laaer and Neerwinden still haunts me. The rules used that evening inspired me to create Beneath the Lily Banners. As Luxembourg, I lost!

More soon...

You can never have enough cavalry for this period!