Latest 4Play scenario releases

I have been working on these behind the scenes to get them ready for release before Christmas. The first is the missing #18. As many blog members are collecting the series, a few of the sharp eyed had noticed that this number was missing from the sequence and had asked about it. 

I had partially finished it during the last release but held it over to make a few tweaks. Here it is at last. The first of the Flanders batch - The baby wore red. I have taken the title from a long article I wrote on the topic of the baptism of fire of the British army which featured in Wargames Illustrated issue 300 a couple of years back. 

Together with the three scenarios all based on the battle of Walcourt, I have included an extra ten pages of text replaying the article from WI#300 in full. For those interested, it contains the full list of British infantry regiments present at eleven different battles from 1679 to 1704. This pdf weighs in at 32 pages.

I will review it in detail in a later post. 

The next two pdfs were prepared to accompany the release of Donnybrook at Sea. The first is called Letter of marque. It features three pirate/privateer scenarios one each from the years 1649, 1683 and 1718. All are based on historical events and the first is a first for me too - a venture into the naval dimensions of the English Civil War period. Again, this pdf will be reviewed in detail in a later post. 

The third release is Pyromania! This is also a Donnybrook focused pack covering the llittle known but most spectacular raid by the English Admiral Robert Holmes on the anchored Dutch merchant fleet on the Vlie in 1666. The games have a nautical and land based element in each so are ideal to fuse Donnybrook and Donnybrook at Sea

All are availabale in the shop here:

New 4Play packs

Some will have noticed it is entitled Holmes's Bonfire Part 2. And what of part 1? That is already in the can but, is written for larger scale ship action using Mad for War and so it, together with all the other missing numbers in the series - 12,13 and 14 will be released with Mad for War in 2021.