League of Augsburg All at Sea 1666/1667 - Partizan May 22nd 2022

A grand fleet - Charles II's battleships 1666

At Partizan this year I am doing something different. I am running a 'demo rules-workshop' where anyone curious about Anglo-Dutch naval wargaming can come along, throw a few dice, try a few mechanisms and ask lots of questions. 

Line of battle developed between 1652 and 1660

I will set up gaming scenarios in three different scales to explain the scope of the period and let gamers experience Mad for War which will now probably be released over the summer of 2022.

1/4800 scale battle - anyone who wants to try can throw some dice with me


In 1/4800 scale I will demo the Mad for War fleet rules and pit an English squadron against a Dutch squadron. Players can experience how the multi-ship-based system works and compare that with the other scales.

The first away fixture of the Medway terrain - Newark May 2022

In 1/2400 I will run a couple of short scenarios based around the Dutch attack on the Medway in 1667 using the tables I built featuring Chatham Dockyard and the stretch of the river from Gillingham to just below Rochester.

A five turn challenge version of Escape from Serious Injury 1666 - play it at Partizan

In 1/1200 I will run a shortened version of the ‘Escape from serious Injury’ scenario featuring the redoubtable English ship Henry as she fights her way through the entire Dutch fleet on the night on June 1-2, 1666.

Night action on June 1st 1666 - Henry versus Walcheren

Anyone interested can play for a while in any of these games and get a feel for the fun and fascination of the greatest and grandest period of the entire Age of Sail.

For anyone interested in picking up Ark Royal Miniatures, I will be doing a very attractive pre order deal on ships more of which soon.


Henry engages multiple opponents

Come along and find you see legs at the League of Augsburg table on May 22nd.